Aug 9

Weeks fly by. Buoyed by the success of my Smart Client project, I found office work to be relatively easier after the GA release of what is reportedly the flagship in Lawson's range of software solutions.

Last week was about mentoring--I gave the three new hires a four-day knowledge transfer on the standards and tools of the Sweden group. The truth is, only Kat will be joining my team, but Moira lent me her laptop and insisted that I include Job and Aucyn on the sessions. It was fun anyway, especially when Job got reprimanded by an officer for eating brownies in one of the conference rooms (provided by me, of course). =)

Other stuff that's been going on:

  • Job still gets in touch with everybody from the old company and it drives me crazy. Also drives me crazy: he brought his habit of peeking into my screen everytime he passes by my cubicle
  • One of our new hires is quite a character; I'll leave it at that for now (it's her birthday today and I just ate her birthday pizza)
  • I spend at least two hours of every day rephrasing angst into a controlled argument that I send to Sweden through email
  • I'm catching up on some training I didn't have the luxury of having during my first few weeks at Lawson and now I'm wondering how I got 99.6% on my performance evaluation
  • Lilet has me started on this oatmeal diet so I saintfully ate it for breakfast, but couldn't escape eating ice cream and pizza during the rest of the day. God.
  • I discovered I'd be 6K poorer each time the Tucson needs to change oil. Gooooddd.