July 12

Another old officemate from Trend Micro, Job, started at Lawson this week. I'm happy to see him again, and not happy that he brought his kinky Japanese toys with him. There are about five of 'em little sluts, oh-so-innocently showing off their plastic undies. Duh, as if there's anything there.

This is supposed to be a grown-up office. Smart clothes and carpeted floor and well-groomed people are the norm. Pervert toys, not so much. Some boys just can't cross that bridge.

So. These gals will be struttin' their 'thang beside Job's monitor, and I'll be hating them from afar. I'm not really going to do anything--I mean, I'm not his mother. But I just want to say, goodluck trying to explain them to a foreign visitor.


Prince Heinell said...

I think Job can handle it. =P