Oct 23

Moira's surprise kiddie bday party!

Four precious hours to be kids again (and Mark brought along his very cute kid)

Mr Lawson PSSC President in the house!

I made a detour to Katipunan this morning to pick up a seriously big cake

Time to go back to the office (and home for little Denise)...


September 18

Enjoying my second day at our spankin' brand new office called One World Square in McKinley Hill.

The building stands right across the condo I bought which is currently NOT so much a condo than a huge patch of land with overgrown weeds. It kills me that I can't start cutting back on living expenses.

But anyway, I'm happy about the move. It is a big deal and says so much about how Lawson in the Philippines is growing. All my anxieties when I first moved here are totally gone. Both in size and revenue, it is so much bigger than my previous companies.

Here is the latest picture of the Information Development team, taken at the old building. I'm including our counterparts in St Paul since Raymond is in Minnesota right now:


Aug 9

Weeks fly by. Buoyed by the success of my Smart Client project, I found office work to be relatively easier after the GA release of what is reportedly the flagship in Lawson's range of software solutions.

Last week was about mentoring--I gave the three new hires a four-day knowledge transfer on the standards and tools of the Sweden group. The truth is, only Kat will be joining my team, but Moira lent me her laptop and insisted that I include Job and Aucyn on the sessions. It was fun anyway, especially when Job got reprimanded by an officer for eating brownies in one of the conference rooms (provided by me, of course). =)

Other stuff that's been going on:

  • Job still gets in touch with everybody from the old company and it drives me crazy. Also drives me crazy: he brought his habit of peeking into my screen everytime he passes by my cubicle
  • One of our new hires is quite a character; I'll leave it at that for now (it's her birthday today and I just ate her birthday pizza)
  • I spend at least two hours of every day rephrasing angst into a controlled argument that I send to Sweden through email
  • I'm catching up on some training I didn't have the luxury of having during my first few weeks at Lawson and now I'm wondering how I got 99.6% on my performance evaluation
  • Lilet has me started on this oatmeal diet so I saintfully ate it for breakfast, but couldn't escape eating ice cream and pizza during the rest of the day. God.
  • I discovered I'd be 6K poorer each time the Tucson needs to change oil. Gooooddd.

July 12

Another old officemate from Trend Micro, Job, started at Lawson this week. I'm happy to see him again, and not happy that he brought his kinky Japanese toys with him. There are about five of 'em little sluts, oh-so-innocently showing off their plastic undies. Duh, as if there's anything there.

This is supposed to be a grown-up office. Smart clothes and carpeted floor and well-groomed people are the norm. Pervert toys, not so much. Some boys just can't cross that bridge.

So. These gals will be struttin' their 'thang beside Job's monitor, and I'll be hating them from afar. I'm not really going to do anything--I mean, I'm not his mother. But I just want to say, goodluck trying to explain them to a foreign visitor.


July 1

My sister and I moved to a new condo today.

My rockin' new house sits practically on the highest floor of the tower--far, far away from the leering construction men over at the Palazzo (which seems to be taking forever to finish). I can walk around naked. It's also a lot bigger--I can even dance around naked. There's a newly painted kitchen I can bless with splatters of oil while cooking porkchop. A nicely renovated bathroom with germ-free grout. Fresh-smelling cabinets that do not try to run after me, crying out for a shower of Lysol.

We also have new stuff for the new house -- a bum couch, a giant bean bag chair, a proper dining table (and I don't mean a kitchen table), a painting I stole from our house in Ayala, some deceitful flowers, a flatter TV. I'm also planning to piss off some hard-earned money with round-the-clock air-conditioning and cable.

After I finish fixing things up, I intend to have a lot of fun in this place. So much fun that I won't have time to say goodbye to the stupid dream that my old boyfriend will knock on my door one day. In the old condo he and I picked out together.

July 1

Someday, you're 'gonna realize
One day, you'll see this through my eyes
By then, I wont even be there
I'll be happy somewhere
Even if I cared.

I know you don't really see my worth
You think you're the last guy on earth
Well, I've got news for you
I know I'm not that strong
But it won't take long...won't take long.

'Cause someday, someone's 'gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday, someone's 'gonna take your place
One day, I'll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you

Right now, I know you can tell
I'm down and I'm not doing well
But one day these tears
They will all run dry
I will have to cry sweet goodbye.


June 22

I'm posting some pictures before the ITS dudes (a.k.a. office police) attempt to make our network squeaky clean from jpg files by tomorrow.

This is from our Intramuros folder, where Raymond, JJ, and I toured Mark Ludwig (actually, Raymond is MIA here):

JJ swore he felt a "chill" inside this cave.

Mark and JJ reading Mi Ultimo Adios on the wall.

Rizal's trenchcoat.